Monday, February 18, 2013

Tahoe Shopping and Eating!

After my morning run in Tahoe we all got showered up and ready to hit the town. I didn't quite realize just how small the town was though! There is really just a small shopping area around the casinos and the Heavenly ski area.

There are some cute little shops but mostly just touristy stuff of sweatshirts that say Tahoe and a few boutiques thrown in. Oh and food. Lots of food. We managed to not go into the Nestle, Donuts, Rocky Mountain Chocolate etc stores. I sure wanted to though!!

Instead we took pics of ourselves in front of all the fun stuff.

Then we decided to go into the casinos to check out the dinner options and to maybe get a drink and maybe play a few slots.

 We tried sitting at a bar but it was closed so hey we'll just sit at a slot and wohooo drinks. We went to both casinos and I played on $10 for about an hour or so and came away with about the same in my pocket. YEAH for machines that actually play with you.

After awhile we decided to go back to the condo and relax a bit before going to dinner. We went and got another movie from the Redbox and went back and watched it. I can't even remember what it was right now though!

Then we finally decided what we wanted for dinner. We went back to the casino and the place (Cabo Wabo) didn't look too exciting so we went for our second choice and went to the Hard Rock Cafe. I had never ate at one before.

We all started with a fancy drink and I got the fancy glass so I'd have a souvenir.

And then we all decided we'd just get appetizers to share instead of meals. Holy moly that was a lot of food!!



and I bet you can guess who picked the nachos
(I think I need a 12 step program)

We made a good dent in it all, got refills on our drinks and left stuffed and giggling.

We played in the casino until I ran out of cash! (I didn't take very much, don't worry!) and then went back to the condo for a few more drinks and sitting on the couch watching movies that I snored through before I finally gave up and climbed into bed.

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