Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Progress Pictures, March Goals

And nowwww it's that time of the month you've all been waiting for!

You know, where I post bare midriff pictures 
of myself to remind me 

why donuts are evil 
(which I ate one again today, GD it!)

6 months in pictures.
October through Feb

Stats for February 28th

weight 150.6 (up by .8)
neck 13
arm 11 (up by .5, guess that's not bad if it's muscle right?)
thigh 19 1/2 (up by .5 see above)
chest 35
back 33  (up by 1)
waist above belly button  31 1/2 (up by 1/2)
waist at belly button 33 1/2 (up by 1 1/2)
waist below belly button 32
hips 34 1/2

so I gained 3" but I think last time I measured in the morning and today I measured after work so I'm not going to sweat it.

This was a difficult month for me with my birthday "weeks" with all the partying and vacationing.

To be honest I don't even know where my February calendar went. I never wrote on it after I made it. HORRIBLE! It definitely works better if you put it  on the fridge and do the sticker thing every day. 

This was my first month with entirely without the trainer and I did mostly just go once a week. I never missed a full week though so it could be worse! We got Scott signed up for the gym the other day so we can go together now. We went together the other day and it was fun!

My goal for February was to run 50 miles. Apparently in Runkeeper I should have made it say 50 miles by March first not February 28th because it apparently cut it off YESTERDAY. I realized that after I finished my run, all excited that I did it. So F U Runkeeper! I ran 50 miles!! (plus)

My new goal is 50 miles for March, sounds like a good attainable number.

and to run a 5k under 30 minutes. SOOO close today.

If I hadn't walked a bit to catch my breath a few times I totally would have made it. I was kind of giving up thinking I wasn't going to make it but then realized I still had 3 minutes left and was getting close. Darn it!

Here's the calendar I worked up, maybe I can actually not lose it this month. 

I'm sure there will be a LOT of cycling miles for this month too.

Here's to a productive March! 
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Sarah said...

Holy cow, Julie! You look fantastic! What a difference!


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