Friday, March 1, 2013

Tackling the Chinese Food, Trevor's Birthday Dinner

Last night we went out to celebrate Trevor's birthday at his choice of restaurants 
and he picked New China (I've never had bad service or food there I don't know what those people on Yelp are talking about!) which is where we went last year for his birthday also!

That just happened to be the last time I ate Chinese food too. 

Hard to believe it's been a whole year! My one year anniversary of starting Lose It is this week, I'll have to check for the exact date but it's soon.

Anyhow, silly kid, he ordered orange chicken. Not orange chicken and something else, just this huge plate of orange chicken. He didn't finish it (not even close) and he forgot to take the left overs in the house when we got home so sadly? (or not)there are no leftovers.

When we first walked in the smell of the place was like heaven. 


I was almost thinking well, maybe I'll just order my usual and just eat a bit. You know where that usually gets you though, licking the plate when you're done!I was looking through the menu trying to decide what was the least dangerous when I spotted this little section on the back.

I decided on the steamed veggies with prawns, mostly because I knew the prawns are pretty much no calories and I didn't really have that many left for the day anyways!

I added a little bit of salt and pepper (ordered it cooked with nothing). It was good and I was full. I had one piece of Trevor's orange chicken and that was it!

Oh and a fortune cookie. Gotta have one of those.

Trevor had wanted us to make a cake but I told him if we could wait for his family party on Saturday we could you know, maybe go get an ice cream. 

I don't think that's big enough...

When you take the paper off you can be a unicorn.

I had a kid's scoop of peanut butter and chocolate. My favorite.

I opened the freezer door back there behind the kids and scanned one of the cartons for it to put in my Lose It. Hey at least I tracked my calories!

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Sara Strand said...

Oh man... now I want ice cream. LOL.

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