Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Running In Circles

Today I had my half marathon training. We were supposed to run intervals but when I got there they said we were just going to run 30 minutes around this park.  The park? Not that big. Talk about a boring run, it was one step up from running a track.

Round and round and round and round. I lost count on how many times we went around. We cut it short a few minutes because we got back to the start point and only had a couple minutes left. Probably could have made it back around again!

When I got in the car I was looking at my Runkeeper and realized that I was only 2 miles away from my goal of running 50 miles for the month. 

I knew Scott was planning on doing day two of the 5k-10k training so I went with him and got my 2 miles in!

Woot woot!

I should be able to get in a ton of miles for April with this half training. I just noticed today that I'm supposed to be running 4 days a week not 3. Not sure if I'll be able to work that in or not. We'll see! 

In other news I worked in the yard for an hour today. Easter is fast approaching and my yard? Looks like crap. Although I did find a couple pretties.

I've got about half of the front yard weeded. I need to go pick up a few things and plant them to brighten it up a bit more. Although it's supposed to RAIN on Easter. F'my life. Every freaking time I have a party. 

So we have 50% chance that I'll be squishing 20 so people into my house or 50% chance we can sit outside and enjoy the day. Let us pray.

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