Monday, March 11, 2013

Mom Taxi Julie DOT COM

Today I did something I've been wanting to do for a long time.

I figured out how to change my URL to without losing all my stuff! It was super easy  and only $10 a year. Not too shabby!

When I first started my blog way back in November 2007 I mostly blogged funny jokes and pictures. I also poured out a lot of heart and soul things about my life which A LOT has been deleted now that people I know read here. Sometimes I miss those unfiltered pour my heart out posts ;)

If you read my blog from start to now you'd see all the little phases I've been through. I'm hoping that working out, running and cycling never drops off! There is no adrenaline rush like trying to run as fast as you can to beat a time that you have set for yourself. Rode that distance you wanted to ride. Lifted those heavy weights you wanted to lift.

Tonight I went out running by myself because Scott rode his bike some insane route from a train stop a few cities away. I started off just trying to keep a good pace but then my mind wanted me to try and beat that 30 minute 5k again. So I picked it up but then I let myself stop and then it turned into running intervals and walking. So of course I didn't make the time I wanted but it felt good to get out and RUN almost as fast as I could.

Some day I'll get it! I think I need to try to just figure out what pace I need to be at and just try to stay at that consistently instead of doing the balls to the wall run.  Maybe next time!

Saturday I have a 10k and I haven't run that far since the last one. I feel like I'm really slacking in the distance lately. I think I'll try to run 5 the next time I go out just to get my distance up (at a slower pace of course).

Do you have a goal you've been trying to reach?

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Annsterw said...

Great goals!!!! You truly inspire me with how far you have come!!! Thanks for being my bloggy friend!!! My goal is to finish the Pittsburgh half marathon. I have not started training so it looks like I am going to wing it and just hope to cross the line! Hee Hee

Unknown said...

My goals are kind of fuzzy right now. My immediate goal is get across that darn finish line at the Dallas Rock and Roll Half Marathon on the 24th. It may take me the entire four hours, but I will do it. I would like to run the whole thing, but I am pretty sure I will have to walk at some point.

Annsterw said...

The Pgh half marathon is May 5th....I am registered but I will probably be dragging across the finish line - ha! So excited for the medal though so I HAVE to finish...that's my only goal...hee hee...

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