Sunday, March 3, 2013

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Day

Today we ventured over to Santa Cruz for some fun times! We took a friend of Trevor's with us for kind of a "friend's party". Jessica already had plans so with the friend of Trevor's we were back to five of us. 

We packed up some food in an ice chest and ate breakfast before we left. We are getting smarter about these day trips! Not only is packing our food helping us to keep our days low cal, it saves some money too. Although, Trevor got some kettle corn and that pretty much took care of me NOT staying in my calorie count for the day. I even had to go put it in the car so we'd stop eating it. That stuff is like crack. 

Anyhow, back to the trip. As soon as we got there we ate lunch in the parking lot before we went over to the boardwalk. We mostly ate left over pizza (from the party the night before). 

I had a back pack and filled it up with some water bottles and then we were off!

First up was the Giant Dipper of course. I sat by myself and the little girl in front of me had long hair in a pony tail. I kept trying really hard not to accidentally grab her hair. That ride is a bit rough and reminded me right away why I am pretty much too old for that shit anymore. 

After that everyone went on about 100 rides that go in circles. I do not do rides that go in circles. (except the  Carousel, that doesn't count). I kept trying not to use my phone too much so that the battery wouldn't die in the first hour we were there. 

I spent quite awhile just hanging out. They should put more of the "shops" by the rides that most adults don't like to ride so that you have something to look at besides the ice cream hut. I was just about ready to give in and get myself a chocolate covered banana (rolled in nuts of course) when we headed down the other direction and hit a few rides that I like.

Sadly the log ride was closed (probably too cold anyways). We did the haunted house, the Giant Dipper again (better sitting in the front), the carousel several times, the pirate ship, the double something or other that shoots you up in the air and the bumper cars. 

 We didn't spend any time on the beach (a bit too cold)

 It did get warm enough for me to ditch my sweatshirt in the car for a bit but only "a bit" before I had to go back and get it. 

 We ate dinner in the parking lot (sandwiches) and then drove home. The kids all crashed out on the way home. I'd call that a good time!

Next weekend's agenda? NOTHING! Although I have a feeling we'll be going for a bike ride somewhere!

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Alma said...

What a fun day you had!:) love the pictures!

Chris H said...

I can't go on rides that go around and around either, I get sick.
How neat that you all had a good time.
Well done on the healthy picnic too... we are starting to do the same thing AGAIN... we used to do it all the time.

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