Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday Gym Day!

A quick post before bed because I'm exhausted! We just got home from the gym and I can't wait to crawl into bed. (I really really need to buy some shorts to wear to the gym)

Today we worked our biceps and back. I just love these chart thingies I found on Pinterest. I just save them to my phone and we glance at them while we are at the gym to make sure we are doing it right or whatever. Probably look like dorks to the meat heads but whatev! Everyone starts somewhere.

We did 2nd on the left, bottom left, top right and bottom right

I know most of the "form" parts from working with the trainer but these are good guides on working muscle groups together. 

We did 2nd on the left, bottom left, top right and bottom right

After working out for almost an hour I felt pretty pumped up!

I will not be worrying about how fat my arms are this year.

Goes well with my greasy leg from riding my bike with Trevor earlier don't you think?

 I'm kind of glad tomorrow is rest day. I'm mostly planning on resting since I have my race on Saturday! Might take my bike out a bit around the neighborhood.

Did you do anything out of your comfort zone today?

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Unknown said...

Sorry if this is a dupe. Computer froze! I love the charts you are posting. And my out of comfort zone moment was CoreFusion day 2. Brutal and awesome

Chris H said...

Did I do anything out of my comfort zone? Yep, I got out of bed! lol

You are looking fantastic Chick, you have worked hard to get in shape.

Emily @ Running Like A Mother said...

Look at those guns!! You look amazing!

-- Emily @

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