Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Day In A Nutshell, Or with a Tortilla at the Gym

Today was a very productive day at work! Things are getting done and moving right along. And when I was in the bathroom and looked in the mirror my collar bones jumped out at me. The changes in my body still amaze me.

 It's Tuesday and we've been trying to go to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Scott and I both said we wanted to go tonight. When I got home the weather was beautiful. I helped Trevor with his homework a bit and then I wanted to go take my bike out for a nice ride.

BUT Trevor wanted to go with me and I don't want him out on the bigger roads outside the neighborhood. I didn't want to be a mean mom and tell him no, after all, that's not being a very good role model if I did that. So I told him he could go and finish his homework later. We went for a loop around the neighborhood and he was dragging quite a bit by the time we got to the house. I on the other hand felt like I hadn't really done anything! I told him to go on in the house and work on his homework some more and I left to take another ride around by myself at "a little bit faster" speed. Finally by the time I got back I felt like I had at least broke a sweat and done something.

Kind of sad that you have to keep pushing harder and farther to get that same "high" you used to get just by making it down the street and back.

When I got back I had to change my password on my mail that I use for my blog and a few other things because someone hacked into it. (if you got something from me, I'm sorry!) I swear it took me like 10 minutes to figure out where to go to change my password. You wouldn't think it would be that difficult but it was.

Then it was time for dinner and the never ending homework. I swear my kid can drag out ten minutes of home work for HOURS. I made some spaghetti (whole wheat pasta and ground turkey!) and inhaled it. I was pretty much starving after my bike ride.

It was about eight o'clock and he was still working on homework and we were really wanting to go to the gym so I may have helped him A LOT on his cross word puzzle thing. To kids this stuff is torture, to adults it's kind of fun, go figure.

We finally got to the gym at nine and worked on our triceps thanks to this little picture I saw earlier today. We did the two on the middle left and the one on the bottom right with some walking lunges holding weights in the middle to break it up a bit.

We also did some ab work. I have a feeling it's going to hurt to breathe tomorrow. I'm pretty proud of myself for coming up with little routines to do without the trainer. I did a little panic when she first left the gym but I think I'm doing ok. I just need to make sure to keep getting myself in there.
We didn't worry about doing any cardio because we both got in a lot of miles on our bikes today.

After the gym we had to run to the grocery store and I found these HUGE tortillas. I think if something is bigger than the size of your head and it's not a watermelon or a margarita that's a sign you shouldn't be eating it.

This picture was totally worth embarrassing Scott for!

Tomorrow is Wednesday, another run day!
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Unknown said...

You look great!

Unknown said...

You crack me up!!! Mmmm...watermelon.

Annsterw said...

Go you working out your own fitness routines! Thats great! I love Trying the exercises in Self magazine....you look awesome!

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