Monday, February 18, 2013

Beach Sunset

We decided that we should go watch the sunset on Jessica's favorite beach. First we went to Target and got snacks. Then we stopped by the school to get more blankets and some shorts for Trevor to borrow.

The beach is really close to where Jess goes to school. Every time we are there we are just amazed at all the empty/abandoned buildings at Fort Ord. It's just AMAZING how many there are. Just sitting there. Falling apart and in decay. Just seems like they could do something more constructive with them than just let them all  go to ruins. Next time we go I'm going to try and take some pictures of the buildings.

Anyhow so we drove over to the beach parking lot. There were a few cars there. Jess said usually there isn't really anyone there.

We walked down the trail through this big break in the cliffs. HUGE cliffs when you walk through.  Very cool.

We mostly just sat on a blanket while Melissa and Trevor played down by the water. 

(with me screaming to stay up higher!! Those were some big waves!)

Trevor did bury himself in the sand though.

It was really pretty but a tiny bit foggy so not the BEST sunset but it was pretty awesome sitting on the beach all together. Sitting and relaxing and enjoying each other's company. 

Poor Trevor was freezing on the walk back to the car! 

We ended the night by going to Cannery Row and eating at Louie Linguine's again. Way shorter time to wait than anywhere else. I'm determined to find a good Mom and Pop place for us to eat dinner at next time though!

Scott and I split this. And now, I must stop eating crap!

No more giving myself excuses to eat delicious but bad for me food.  

I can't believe how much we did in one day. Scott wanted me to drive home. I probably should have bought a couple cups of coffee when I realized that because it was VERY HARD for me to drive home. I had the AC blowing on me, the radio on high and had to sing to keep myself awake.

Cheaper to come home but much nicer to spend the night when we go there. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm jealous that you aren't wearing coats and a plethora of fleece and warm clothing. I am dying for warm weather!!!!!!!

Jennifer Owens said...

Beautiful scenery - I love a good beach sunset or sunrise for that matter. (o:

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