Sunday, September 11, 2016

Day Trip With Mom

Last month or so Melissa wanted to go to an all day concert with a friend in the bay area. She still doesn't have her license yet so I said I'd take her and asked my mom if she wanted to come along with me to hang out for the day.

So we spent the day just messing around going in shops and thrift stores. It was my version of a perfect day (minus the driving to the bay area and back).

After we dropped the girls off I just put in thrift store on my phone and we were off! But the first one we tried was actually closed. No worries, right around the corner was this whole nice shopping area so we just walked up and down the little strip and had a coffee at a table outside. I'm glad I think to "check in" at these places so I can remember where we went later ;) This is Café Venetia in Palo Alto.

Next up we went to Savers! I always hear people talk about Savers and it was awesome! But first we had to find somewhere to park, find change for the meter for the parking lot, then walk to the store. On the way we walked past this cute lunch area.

We were in the beginning stages of our Tiki/Luau party and I was on the look out for fun stuff for it and came across these guys!

and a Jessica mirror (didn't buy it ;))

I bought a bunch of fabric and those tiki things and I think maybe I spent $12. I had two big bags full of stuff. Awesome, I wish we had one here.

After our thrifting we decided to walk our stuff to the car and then go walk back down to where we saw a cute little restaurant.  This was the downtown area, so pretty.

This place was really cute, it's called Alana's Cafe

We sat outside at a table mostly in the shade

Cute idea for the sugars

Pretty arbor & gate

Mom and I each got something and then shared. The chicken salad was just meh. I asked for more dressing, then added some sugar and then it was better.

Chicken salad sandwich could have used more chicken salad to fill all that bread

so the food wasn't the best but the garden was great.

We walked a different way back and stopped to check out these purple flower bushes we had been seeing all over.

We ended up going in a World's Market, I thought these were a cute idea for a future party (the plants in these were fake)

and check out this patio enclosure, very cute!

Then we went to some more thrift stores. My mom found this set at one of them and bought it even though I was like I don't think it's going to fit...

Which it didn't. Being the nice daughter I am I told her we could go back the next day and get it when we didn't have the kids to drive back.

Then we went through some antique stores and OMG WTF, this is an actual coffin. I think that's pretty disgusting and disgraceful to have in a store. Totally got the heebee geebees walking by it.

After walking around shopping for hours we went back to find the Hofbrau we had passed about 12 times that day. I actually went here over 20 years ago with Scott and his sister Barbara the first time he took me to meet her. It's pretty much awesome and I didn't have to eat for a week afterwards ;)

After dinner we drove back to wait for the kids to get done. The next day we got up early and drove back to pick up the cute kitchen set but didn't stop to do anything else fun!

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