Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cross Country Road Trip Day 2

Day two started off fine with my mom giving the guy in the gas station at least 40 pennies when she went in to buy gas. Ahhh she cracks me up! Everywhere we went she gave perfect change. I think that's the secret to why her purse weighs 400 pounds!

We were back on I-40E and loved all the sunflowers bordering the Arizona highway!

We made quite a few stops this day and from now on. We decided that we would trade off driving a lot more so that we wouldn't get so sore and tired.

I think this rest stop was in Arizona. Sad that we have to have signs that tell people not to deface the awesome scenery.

I did a multi screeching lane change to get the exit for the dinosaurs! Hey what fun lol. This is at the Painted Desert Indian Center. We didn't go in since we had just done the rest stop but we did eat our lunch in the car while we enjoyed the dinosaur view.

We both needed a pit stop again not long after that and stopped at this Indian Center in Gallup, NM. (it says New Mexico on the map but we didn't actually cross the border yet so IDK how that works!) This huge rock was on the stairs going up to the store. We did go inside here and I was looking at the jewelry. I saw this cool lizard pin and asked how much it was. $225 (but 40% off lol). Uh yeah no that's ok...

The Arizona-New Mexico Border

We were making a slight detour this day to go to my friend Sarah's house for the night. She lives in Dalhart Texas so that was our "goal" for the day.

Exhausted and still in New Mexico, but the turn off to go to Texas, we stopped at Denny's that's in a truck stop. 12 cups of coffee please...

After dinner we filled up and then it was off to Texas! Poor mom REALLY needed to use the bathroom but there was NOTHING from that Denny's all the way to Sarah's house. We both contemplated pulling over for the side of the road all I could think of was rattle snakes lol. I ended up driving behind this big rig who was doing about 80 all the way to Sarah's. It worked out great because it was so damn dark out there and his truck lit everything up. We got to Sarah's super late, mom sprinted in to use the bathroom and then we got to hang out a bit before we hit the hay!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie is this your daughter who lived in North Carolina?
I must say this was a very brown trip - not a lot of green.

Once on a road trip with a girlfriend we pulled over for her to pee.
She got back in the car and I'm heading down the road when she begins to jump around in her seat and flip out. She ripped off her jeans - a big grasshopper had jumped into her pants while they were down around her ankles. Now it's very funny but she didn't see the humor that day. I had to pull over again and she jumped out of the car in her underpants. The cars were honking and she didn't even care she was so freaked out by this huge grasshopper. I got it out of the car and then she got back in. I took her jeans and turned them inside out while standing outside of the car and made sure no more critters because she was afraid to put them on. Oh my God this just cracks me up remembering this day. We were on our way to see a concert in Toronto Ontario. 1978 a girl on the side of the road in a t-shirt and white bikini underwear. That's nothing today but it sure made the truckers honk back in 1978. :-)

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