Wednesday, August 25, 2021


 Last night my friend and I went to see the movie Free Guy. They had shown the previews the last few times we went to the movies. It was pretty good, kind of funny!

Other than that I worked on masks all day. These were all for orders

and these are to sell/add to my craft booth stash. I put up some of the ones from the other day on my neighborhood group and sold most of them so that's cool. Working my way through all the ones I cut out.

Jessica came and borrowed my car for the day. The cabin is getting worked on to make the back porch area more of a bedroom with proper doors and all that. So they fled for the day to be out of the way. My boss just asked me to go in for something and I'm like sorry no car!  Only vehicles here all have something wrong with them that I don't trust them to drive to work. Yes my husband is a mechanic.

Nothing on the agenda today other than doing more mask sewing. I need to make a keychain for my friend too so I'll have to do that soon. Nothing too exciting here, hopefully it will stay that way ;)

ETA: the girl in the other department is driving me nuts. I swear she makes everything more difficult than it needs to be.

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