Thursday, August 12, 2021


Good morning! I woke up with a stomach ache at 6 this morning but then managed to fall back asleep for a bit. Stomach still doesn't feel right though. Darn it all! I ate the dinner left overs for a late lunch yesterday and it started right after that.

Does my dirt pile look any smaller? I went out and shoveled a bit into the NEW holes the truck tire left and I swear that took half the pile. I need to add some more to it too. I put the sprinkler on it for a bit to see if it would settle in. I also did a bit of the leach line part. Kind of need someone to take the weed eater to it so I can see how far down it is. I think I'm going to need a lot more dirt. Might have to go back to the original plan and get a truck load from the dumps. Might try to talk Scott into going to get it in the truck since it is only $5 a load there and that way the tires hopefully wouldn't sink down to unload it. Although the unloading it part wouldn't be fun we could try to put it right into the areas that need it. Maybe some day I'll have a nice big yard without holes.

I've been cleaning off the front porch a bit at a time, somehow it got all messy again. Almost got all the extra junk off so I can wash it off. I think I am going to put the tables on the back porch but maybe keep the chairs in the front. Less cluttered. Originally I put them on the porch when we were getting the septic done and now I can't put them back where I had them because of the stupid holes in the ground.

I did a lot of laundry yesterday so spent my time after I was off work putting it away. A few more loads to do and then it will be all caught up again. 

Oh and I finished those masks but I pretty much already showed those. The sunflower ones are pretty :)

My mom is supposed to come by and get the directions I printed out for her for her trip to Monterey. She is going with two friends. She is so funny, we have been trying to get her to use her maps on her phone but she is way over thinking it all. Hopefully they don't get lost. I told her I'll come get her if she needs me to rescue her from her friends haha.

I have another "review" for work today. They do them like four times a year now which is totally stupid and a waste of time. Once a year was more than enough. Literally nothing has changed since the last review.

Ok guess I should get to it!

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