Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Betty Boop & Care Bears

Good morning! I'm a snail this morning. 
Scott went to bed before me and was sawing some big ass logs so it took me forever to fall asleep. Good thing there isn't anything important to do today. More coffee please!

I pretty much spent all day yesterday sewing. I finished my pile I had started. I had worked on these for several days but all at the same time so they got finished up together.

More Betty Boop bags

A couple masks

Lots of Care Bear Bags

The top left is my favorite

I made 2 sets of these, one adult one kids

Some mug cozies

And then I decided to make a big bag with these panels. I didn't want to lose the print to the bottom of the bag so I added a few inches to the bottom but I should have subtracted them from the top because the bag is really long. Oh well maybe someone will like it. I have a ton more of the squares but just put them away for now. There is 4 more on the other side.

While I was sewing I put this 2nd box on the right for Tina. The one right in the window is the prize spot for these two and they are always trading off who is in there. I thought oh I'll just put another box. Uh Lucy was NOT happy with that arrangement. Her face is hysterical and she bopped Tina a few times right after I took this. Tina ran away but came back a little later.

I paid for my space at the Lodi Street Faire again yesterday! Lets hope it doesn't get cancelled again. I'm just going to keep hoping! Life is boring just staying home all the time. 

Today I think I'll start out cleaning up my sewing room. It is a mess. But first I have to take this dang dog out. Why do you have to go out 2 hours after you already went out RUSTY!?!?

Ok got the dogs outside on their tie outs for a few minutes until they start barking at stuff haha.
Well that's all I've got for this morning, have a great day!

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Mandy said...

LOVE that Care Bear bag! And your kitties are so cute! I'm sure they are great helpers. LOL!

Julie H said...

@Mandy, thank you! They love to help haha

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