Wednesday, August 18, 2021


Good morning! I was so tired this morning and my eyes are so dry. Lots of smoke in the air again :( This beautiful soul of a woman that I met at an event and am Facebook friends with moved up in the mountains a couple years ago and they are now evacuated. Hoping her place is spared along with all the wild animals that she fed in her yard.

I went into work for a couple hours yesterday. There were two new people that I was like "uh who are you?". Well not really but kind of haha. One is a new employee with our department and the other was an intern for the one I used to work for. Average age 20 of course.

I had to figure out how to use the new copier/printer/scanner. You have to take your work ID card and stick it in to do anything. Which means two extra trips to the copier because I forgot it at my desk or in the machine haha. Finally figured out how to scan to myself after asking my boss. I'm too old for this new technology! 

When I got home Tina had rearranged the fabric again. 

She says "What? Not me I'm an angel!" 

While I was gone Daniel came and worked on the dirt pile! The trench is pretty much filled in and we still have some dirt! There is an area in the back that still needs some but I can't believe we had enough. He went and bought us a new wheelbarrow too. We are so adult now.  I really need a chain saw then I think I have all the adult tools haha.  I should go put the sprinkler on the newly filled in areas to see how much it settles in. Maybe in a minute ;)

I picked up some fall/Halloween fabrics while I was out. I just posted the bag and people are like I want to order! So I took pics of what I had and now I have several orders for masks. Trevor wants me to take him shopping for some clothes today (I think so I'll pay haha) so I will go back into Joanns and get a bit more of at least 2 of them that someone wanted 5 of. I only got 1/2 a yard of each so I will need a bit more.

I worked on the masks I had already cut out, these are for orders so getting them done first. I just have to add the elastic to them. I got too tired last night to finish but of course didn't fall asleep for at least an hour after I went to bed. I was like I could have just finished the masks ;)

This is my "work station" when I went to bed lol. I'm constantly moving things from one desk to the other depending on where I'm working.

I ordered some plastic sleeves to put masks in so when I go to the Lodi Street Faire I can put them out for sale without people actually touching them. Well and any other events I might do. I still would like to find something to do in September. The one I really wanted to do is the same day as my niece's birthday party so I guess I won't do that one.

I am thinking about packaging my mug cozies differently also so that they don't look like masks at first glance. I have to tell everyone that walks up that they aren't masks, it is rather annoying lol. I've seen some designs where you can wrap the cozy around a paper/cardboard cup to package them so I'm thinking of doing that and then I can display them standing upright in something. Just an idea! 

I think work is going to be dead again today. We are just waiting on them to make the new selections for this pilot program. Please let them be people who actually have turned in their paperwork. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Can you put an empty can or mug in one of your mug cozies? It may help them see this doesn't go on your face. LOL

Julie H said...

@Peg, I have like 5 of them and have even set them right on top of the display lol

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