Thursday, August 5, 2021


Good morning! The week is almost over already. This was a quick one and I didn't even take a vacation. 

Yesterday this cutie pie was my coworker for a bit. Of course I got hardly any work done. Good thing it was slow. His mom forgot his water cup but I had this old Sponge Bob one in the cabinet. It worked until he chucked it on the floor haha. Lid popped off, water everywhere and it cracked. Guess I should get a couple cups for my house ;) 

As usual he had a nice nap on me. I laid him down on the couch once and he woke back up after about 10 minutes so after that I just stayed in the chair haha. I figure he won't do this too long and why not soak up his sweet baby time. He was fully recharged when mom and dad came back to pick him up ;)

My Hello Fresh meal from last night. I don't usually do the pasta meals since I think pasta is super cheap and Hello Fresh is not ;) but this one was pretty good. They sent me an orange bell pepper so it blended in. No left overs as usual. While I was making this I was thinking I should just go back to doing my menus like I used to and market my menu with the grocery list ;)

I didn't spend much time sewing yesterday but I got some strip blocks made with my scraps. IDK why I enjoy doing these so much. I think it is because I take something I would have thrown away and make something useable out of it. Satisfying!

I've been selling about one zip bag a day on Etsy, sometimes two. I went from hardly selling anything to that so that is nice. I need to add my new things I've made onto there but I don't like that part so much. Maybe one day next week I'll work on adding some items.

Trevor has a job interview today at Great Wolf Lodge for a dishwasher! Wish him luck. It is a little more than he is making working with his dad and 10 minutes away instead of 2ish hours away. It would be good for him to work with some people closer to his age too. He needs to meet some people and do young adult things. I'm sure we are boring as hell to him ;)

Ok off to do some worky things. Not a whole lot to do so far today. I think we have several deadlines coming up so things should get busy soon. I'm sure I'll have to go to the office for a day or two next week or so. They sent out the official email that we have to wear masks in the office again even if we are vaccinated. One more reason to stay home as much as possible ;)


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