Tuesday, August 17, 2021


Good morning we're awake again! I would rather be sleeping a bit longer though.

My friend posted this picture of her daughter sleeping with the quilt that I made. I'm glad she likes it :)

I watched this little guy after work yesterday! He's all sleepy here.

Taking a 1/2 hour nap on Grandma. We had fun playing! Definitely tired by the time he went home haha. I need to get a cup for him and some baby food stuff just to keep in the cupboard. 

We ate dinner at like 9:30 since it took me forever to make it. The last Hello Fresh meal I had. I wish I would have mixed the onions with the steak when I first started eating it, it was good that way.

Jess brought me some ice cream sandwiches for watching the baby :) I may or may not have had the last one for breakfast

Went to bed after the little guy left and Lucy was giving me a massage. I didn't know my flash was going to go off, she didn't appreciate that haha.

I have to go into the office today to mail some stuff out. Figure I'll go in around lunch time. I don't want to stay there all day! So spoiled now haha.

I need to stop by Joanns on the way home and get some fusible batting since I'm all out. Also need to figure out what's for dinner! I have some mask orders to make up too. 


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