Monday, February 21, 2022


Good morning happy no work Monday! Sadly I still had to put clothes on and go to town. Reporting in from my mother in law's kitchen table. I'm already ready for a drink. I just spent like 10 minutes trying to find her lower teeth. She always puts them in her pocket, wrapped in a tissue. She kept saying she wanted an oatmeal cookie so I get her one and then she can't find her teeth. She has no pockets in her sweater. I made her stand up and looked all over her bed (she has a bunch of pillows and on one end, clothes and misc crap on the other. No teeth. Look in her drawers next to her bed, nothing, nothing under it. I get a couple paper towels and look through the disgusting garbage and I don't think they are in there but honestly I'm not looking super thorough since there are used depends in there. I'm like I'm going to barf if I have to dump this out to look more. I'm like what are you wearing under that sweater? Just an undershirt? Then she pulls it down and "plop" her teeth fall on the floor. Jesus. I need a drink and it's not even 10am. 

When I got here this morning she was in the office. I was like are you looking for something? (We started cleaning the room out but didn't finish, mostly took out clothes she didn't want when I asked her and then shredded old papers and condensed her super unorganized crap). Nope, she says, just looking to see what's left.  Then she says she pushed some buttons in the kitchen and messed things up. Apparently she was trying to warm up her coffee but couldn't figure out how to get the microwave to work. She then says she can't see any more and I'm like you used to wear glasses? She says she doesn't think that would help. Hmm I'm thinking it might lol.

Now she's playing with a bag that has electric razors in it. Sigh. 

ANYHOW, I had a fabulous 2 days at home (mostly). I was trying to decide what project to do next and decided to pull out my Easter fabrics, which were mostly just small pieces and make some cozies and coasters. I was having fun sewing the small scrap pieces together. Hopefully it's not too late when I get home so I can work on them some more. This is how I left them, hopefully Tina doesn't do a burn out on them and throw them on the floor. She was getting into all kinds of mischief yesterday!

Ok off to mix a cocktail I mean get some more coffee. Wish me luck for the rest of the day..


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