Sunday, February 13, 2022


Good morning happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I'm sure all the great stuff will be shared online after it happens so I'll still get to see it. I think I've only paid attention to a whole football game once in my life! Not my sport.

Last year my mom organized a little Valentine's day swap with all her grandkids. It was fun to get some so I said I'd do it again this year. I don't think anyone else is actually making them but my mom this year but I figured it was something I could work on while I'm here at my MIL's house this weekend.

When I went home for a bit yesterday to shower and wash Trevor's week of dishes and take out the trash and do all those things no one else can see (apparently) I also packed up some stuff to work with.  I couldn't find my heart punches (I think I know where they might be..) but I grabbed a bunch of the paper scraps I had cut up and these cute felt hearts that I had originally bought to decorate my craft booth but never got around to joining them together like I wanted. 

Here's my first one! Definitely out of practice with paper stuff and I wish I would have brought my paper cutter (duh why didn't I grab that). I've been using some hot glue and I think the sticks are old because the glue is actually yellowed lol. 

Here is a bunch, still have a few to go but my eyes got tired last night. I made them with a pocket to put some candy inside. I may have ate 2 of the little candies last night..

NINE years ago my friends and I were on a trip to Lake Tahoe. The pictures keep popping up in my FB memories. This was about my thinnest I think. Oh I would be so happy to be that thin again. Taking pictures is fun! Clothes shopping is fun! Hopefully I can get there again (and stay there). Although I don't know if I'll get back into running again. I still feel like I want to do it but haven't tried lol. I know i will have to work up to being able to do it again. 

My MIL has been so much like her old self the last few days. I'm wondering if all the dementia and confusion was triggered by the grief and not eating correctly.  Yesterday I made her one scrambled egg with a dusting of cheese and after she ate it she lays back and says "Oh man I really pigged out". I'm like eating one egg is hardly pigging out! You're stomach has just shrunk from not eating. Every time she eats she acts like she's stuffed herself. I really do think she had an eating disorder for most of her life. She does love sweets though haha.

Is it sad that I think I've slept better here on the couch than at home lately. She has not woken me up at all and the dog has insisted on going out in the middle of the night at home. Nothing like going outside at 1am to mess up your sleep.  My neck has been feeling better the last couple days too so maybe that massage helped loosen it up a bit. Not all better but not quite as painful as it was. 

We've been watching the Food Network with the sound on this morning. Wohooo Valerie Bertinelli was on and she was so excited because that's her favorite show she wanted to turn the sound on. We've moved onto the Pioneer Woman and the sound is still on. So exciting lol.

When I was gone yesterday she said she opened up the back door to look out and then opened up the front door to look out. I'm glad she was still here when I got back! She told me that when she's alone her dad talks to her. Sweet but I know that can have mixed meanings. I was like is that a new thing? She didn't really answer. 

Today's plan is to finish up these Valentine's, then go home for awhile again to take care of the animals and my house. Last night we had a frozen BBQ chicken pizza for dinner, not sure what we'll have tonight. I bought some more salad kits to have on hand, those are always good. I should have just bought some more chicken breasts too to cut up and add to them and that could have been a meal. It is weird just cooking for myself and then something for her to eat.  

Ok off for more coffee and fart around online ;)

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