Thursday, February 3, 2022


Good morning, happy almost Friday! Sleeping in is right around the corner!

I've decided to hang out in this room a bit more, Scott's mom is in the other room. I can probably make a bit more noise in here. She watches the food network ALL DAY on mute. Well the 25% of the day when she isn't sleeping most days. I think the first two days I was here and she talked non stop was a coping mechanism.  Now I just get the occasional story here and there.

Yesterday I got to see my adorable little munchie. He was happy for a little bit and then got tired of being there and was ready to go. His poor mom was exhausted haha.

I decided to get the shrimp fajitas with the corn tortillas (less calories). I only ended up eating like 1 tortilla since they were all kind of stuck together and I was enjoying it better with some chips. I basically just ate the right side of this picture and way too many chips lol.

Pretty much everything went right through me after so hey does it even count lol.

I didn't bring anything new over to cook for dinner yesterday so I was dreaming of pizza and burritos. Scott was way too far away to pick anything up at a reasonable hour so I just ate the soup I made earlier in the week.

Then Trevor came over with an apple pie. He's been perfecting an apple pie and of course I have to eat some every time. Here is my like 1/2 a slice with like 1/8 cup of ice cream on top lol. Last time he made individual pies and like a pastry type thing. They were so good.

I saw this yesterday and sent it to my friends. I was like I think I'm hungry because this actually sounds good lol. I might have to buy some hot dogs when I go shopping again.

Speaking of shopping, I did go to the store for wet cat food last night because Amazon never sent my subscription order and I had used our last can of supplemental tuna lol. The store AGAIN didn't have any of the good cat food the cats like. I wonder why there is a shortage of wet cat food? I keep meaning to look that up. Isn't it weird how some things are in stock and some things aren't? They also never have my creamer anymore but luckily have a store brand of the same kind (sugar free vanilla) so that at least works.

I need to work on my menu today and do some meal prep stuff to make my life easier. I brought some cottage cheese and my last 2 clementines for breakfast this morning if I decide to eat it. Sometimes I just eat lunch around 11. I'll probably finish off that soup I brought over here for lunch.

This was in my news today. I don't think I'd like Victoria very much. Like what does she do for fun? She can't smile because she might ruin her face and she eats boring food lol.

Birthday in 5 days, I'm thinking we'll get Chinese food. I'm starting to drool about it already.

A few things I saved from fb/instagram to share

This reminds me of when you've got yourself totally worked up about something and everyone else has no clue what's going on in your head.

Proud to be in the club

Seriously, although my pants fit better now

This is my Lucy, she does this to me EVERY DAY but she loves me haha.

I had a lot of depression yesterday evening. I couldn't wait or Scott to get here so I could go home. I really wanted chocolate, ice cream or a nice whiskey and diet coke. I made it through without any of them. 

This morning I woke up to 1 ounce away from my 2nd goal weight. Woohoo. Way to stay strong depressed Julie haha. 

Ok guess I should check out those 3 emails that I got this morning to see if there is anything important. They are talking about us going back to the office sometime between March and May now, but being able to telework 3 days a week. That doesn't sound too bad. I told Scott yesterday he might have to try to only work 4 days a week then I could get a day off from being here all day. If I went to work 2 days a week, that could be one of the days and we'd just have to figure something out for the other. If we are all in this same situation by then anyways. Life can change with the blink of an eye so who knows!  

Oh and I put another $500 on one of my credit cards this morning. $500 left to get that one paid off! Then I will just be down to one, my parent loan and my car payment to be debt free. Getting closer!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

okay so much to say -
1. I wish I could pay off my credit cards. Until this move I was almost done. But...
2. I hate the scale.
3. Victoria doesn't smile cuz she's hungry. I read that story which i found sad when her husband said she ate with him at a fine dining restaurant and it was so good and it was the last time she enjoyed a meal with him. It's not worth being a stick to me. Hence why I look like me. :-)
4. if going to the bathroom non stop as I do with celiac and diverticulitis you'd think I'd be very thin too!

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