Wednesday, February 2, 2022


Good morning! It's dragging ass Wednesday. I am so tired today (probably 90% mentally tired lol) Listening to my staff meeting in the mil's living room with the 500 pound drapes open. The sun is shining in and it feels so nice. I could totally lay down on this couch and zone out for like an hour or twelve.

I'm supposed to go to lunch with my mom and Jessica at noon today. Chili's in Manteca. Last time I went there it was a cluster f$ck so we'll see how it goes today. 

30 days of tracking on Lose It, have to push through even though I just want to eat a big greasy pizza right now.

Dinner last night plus some more chicken and a few more potatoes. Too many carbs yesterday, up a tiny bit today. Need to do more meal prep/planning, I'm out of all my premade breakfast and lunches and just down to chicken in the freezer and that just sounds bleh right now lol. MIL doesn't like anything spicy which is most of the recipes I make so have to either take some out before adding spices, mellow it out or make her something different. Last night I cut up a whole chicken for us and put a chicken breast aside for her to cook in her own pan lol. Ours got the McCormick's steak seasoning (love that stuff even on chicken) and hers just got a dusting of salt, pepper and garlic powder. She said it was good which she hardly ever says so win win haha.  She also said she felt like a real person eating it so that was nice. Broke out the real plates, I really dislike eating on plastic and paper. My brain is probably slightly broken for that  ;)

Thought this was funny. Also makes me think of how much Trump is popping back up. I'm assuming Biden is going to run again which makes me worry that Trump will be back in office soon. 

This one reminds me when I got in trouble a few times in 3rd grade and how looking back there was a lot of new stresses in our lives (mom recently remarried, new baby brother and then my mom was pregnant again, we also moved that summer).

For sure, for sure

Found this picture in an envelope at mil's house. Melissa at 4 1/2. She was my girly girl, now she doesn't like pink, how sad lol. I used to put her hair in pig tails a lot, it was so cute.

These people are nuts.

Please for the love of God don't save your junk mail, who ever has to clean your stuff up some day when you aren't able will thank you.

This is hilarious.

I can see my cats in the baby part, they'd love it.

This was my last hour of work yesterday. Sat and made yo-yo's while I waited for any emails that showed up. Kind of nice to do something crafty for a bit. I have a big bag of these cut and ready to sew up, they are fun to add to little bags for an embellishment. I've noticed most of the ones I add them to sell first.  Works look slow today too so if I don't have cleaning energy I might make some more ;)

Brother in law came by for about 45 seconds yesterday. MIL was upset he was leaving so fast and he was like I'll be back. Don't think he ever did though unless it was after Scott was here. Scott forgot his phone at work yesterday so I didn't get any texts from him last night.

I did a little bit more cleaning in the office yesterday but a bunch of stuff needs to get trekked outside for the dumps. There are so many cardboard organizers that are clutter traps that were just full of junk.  Maybe by next week we can have it more cleaned out so we can get a bed to put in there. Going to have to go buy one and new blankets etc once we get it in there. That room is the only room that looks out on the street. I miss being able to see the activity out front at home. And my animals lol. I've thought about sitting in there during the day but there are on clean surfaces yet lol. There is a huge desk organizer thing blocking 3/4 of the window also, so there is that. We've got most of that cleared out now.

I found an air purifier thing in the living room and put it in Suzie's room. I need to go check on it. I have to hold my breath and nose when I go in there because the cigarette smell is so bad. I doubt the little machine will help but I figured it was worth a try. I'm pretty sure the whole room just needs to be gutted down to the studs. 50ish years of people smoking in that room. Cough Cough.

Hmm that's probably enough for today haha. 

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