Friday, February 18, 2022


Good morning! Happy FriYEAH for a 3 day weekend woohoo.
I am so looking forward to staying home tomorrow. Hopefully it can happen. Although I'll probably make myself go to my niece's birthday party tomorrow.

Got all these yoyos done yesterday while working and waiting for emails of stuff to do. I'm going to have to go into the office soon and print stuff out again. I have a lot of applications to put in folders and stuff. One of these days.

Jess came over with a little leaf blower and blew most of the leaves off the patio yesterday. MIL came out with her walked to supervise and check on the plants. Little Daniel did some laps around the shop and played with rocks :)

I made dinner early and went to Jessica's house to babysit at 5:30ish. Scott got to his mom's an hour later and she was in the living room trying to figure out where we hid her pills or something. She likes to give Scott a run for his money lol. What's funny is she watched me take her pill out of the box yesterday (they are on the top of the fridge where she can't reach) but she had already forgot about it. Hence why we took them away.  I know it must suck to not be in control of your own shit. I'd hope that if my kids took over I'd realize it was because I was effing up.

This cutie is so easy to watch at his house, he just runs around and plays with all his toys and watches his movies. 

I gave him a hot dog with some ketchup on his tray and he was like wtf lady. He ate some though. Sad thing is there is no dog to clean up what he throws on the floor although the cat did check it out.

Washed some dishes and cleaned up a bit while I was there. We should all just rotate houses and clean for each other, it's so much more fun to clean someone else's house lol.

His mom got off a little early so I went to the bar and met up with my friend Cassi who is home for the weekend (she's been down south helping her Marine daughter out with babysitting).  I had one drink and went home and went to bed. Of course Rusty wanted to go out at 1am so after I got in for that I checked my phone and Scott had messaged me so we had a text convo from like 1-1:30am.

Today's plan is to go home for darts (Cassi is going to sub for Scott since we can't trust his mom alone now) and then probably babysit for like an hour for Jess to cover their both working times. She gets off at 10 and her bf goes in at 10. 

Working on my emails I saved from yesterday. Probably be done with those in a few minutes. Work is so boring right now. My boss got extended on her job she is filling in for so who knows when she is going to come back to our office, and the gal that is our acting right now is very much a low chill procrastinator. 

Hope you all have a great day!

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