Tuesday, February 15, 2022


 Good morning happy my husband is coming home Tuesday! I can't wait to go home to my animals tonight.

No pictures to share today since I didn't take any yesterday. It's like groundhog day over here at the MIL's. Wake up open the curtains so we all know it's morning, coffee, breakfast, lunch, close the curtains so the sun will stop blinding her, dinner, dark as shit in the house, bed. Depressing. This house is majorly depressing. First thing I'd do if it was my house is take down all the curtains. So fucking dark. Probably replace them with lace or sheers to let the sun in. Second would to get rid of every little dust catcher. Sheesh so much crap everywhere. Nice to have a few nick knacks but plastic flowers from 1980 need to hit the road. There is a wall between the living room and the family room and I'd figure some way to open that up, even if it was just a pass through type window thing. I feel like I'm in a closet. Oh and of course, add some animals. What is life without animals, IDK not much I think. Even though they can annoy the hell at me sometimes they make the day so much better. 

Scott probably won't get here until after 10 and then he as to get up to go to work early the next day. So that means even though I'm going home to sleep in my own bed I'll still be back in the morning. I'm going to stay home all weekend if I can though. I need my bright as house haha.

Today a medical assistant from the doctor's group is coming at 11 for a yearly exam? I guess it is. We'll see what they do other than talk to her. My guess is not much. Everyone is all you need to get help from some nurses or whatever and I'm like she doesn't need a nurse she just needs someone here to make sure she eats and doesn't wander off. I did finally take her pill box from her and put it on the table though. For all the time she spent looking at it she wasn't actually taking anything. She's not really on anything that is totally necessary so it's not a big deal but I was surprised she didn't actually take the pills she kept looking at and then writing in her little book in sharpie.  I told Scott she cannot be in charge of those anymore, she doesn't even know what day it is.

This morning she woke up when I came in and made coffee and then looked at the clock and was like 8:00 at night!?! No, no, it's is morning lol. That tells you how dark it is in the house with the curtains closed.

Last night I depression ate the Digiorno pizza Scott bought (MIL ate 2 pieces so that was surprising, she's going to gain like 20 pounds from eating on the regular). I haven't cooked anything exciting since it is just the two of us. Going to have to go shopping and buy more real food and do some cooking!

Ok that's all I've got. 11ish hours til I can go home for a bit and squeeze my animals. Woohooo

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

This caregiver pace is giong to kill you. Please take care of yourself too!

Julie H said...

@Peg, probably have to go back to work soon so someone else will have to step up.

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