Friday, June 17, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! Today I am taking my friend to get her rental car but that is all I have planned so far.

Stole these from Jess, he's finally not just crying every time he sees the baby haha. 

Aren't they the sweetest

I wasn't much help today. Big Daniel's Grandma brought them dinner and his family hung out over there so I stayed out of the way. Just brought over some ice and batteries for the swing. I thought little Daniel would come over later but it was late by the time the company left so he just went to bed.

I pretty much just worked on my string blocks all day yesterday. What is too small for a tote bag is being made into zip bags and some coin bags. Just sewing the squares together and then cutting them out into whatever form for now. I am almost done, just a small stack to finish up. Part of me is like I should have used these for quilts but no one wants to pay for what a quilt is worth so we'll just have small projects. (and I don't need 100 quilts laying around it's too hot here lol)

This is an organized mess haha.

Trevor went to work today so that is nice haha. I wanted to throttle him yesterday when he was being a dick when I was asking him to clean up HIS puppies pee (once out of like 100 times of me cleaning it up). How did I know this was just going to be me cleaning up everything? Hmmmm  

The dogs were all running around this morning and maybe even a cat in there. The old ones are going to be exhausted haha.

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

How did you know you were going to the one cleaning up everything?
We all knew too. :-)

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