Friday, June 3, 2022


Good morning happy FriYEAH! And from home too so even better. Tempted to ask if I can telework more since Covid is going around more again and Jess is going to have her baby soon. Don't want to be sick or getting her sick. I took a Covid test this morning since I had a really bad headache last night. It was negative TG. I need to order some more of the free ones since I only have one left.

Yesterday I got so much done. I got almost all the laundry done, had all the dishes washed but I made more to wash today haha, went through the bags of fabric stuff a bit and got all the misc non fabric stuff pulled out and went through a bit. 

I worked on the pile on my desk but still didn't finish it since I was so tired and went to bed early.

Almost done.

My helper. Look it was still light out when I went to lay down lol.

I'm going to take a break from putting the fabric on cards when I'm done to do some sewing. 

Today's plan if my head cooperates is to pull some stuff out of the shed for the yard sale tomorrow. I have a faint headache so I need to take some ibuprofen in a minute and drink a gallon of water ;) I think it might just be allergies since there was a high pollen count yesterday and I was in and out all day moving the sprinkler and doing laundry. 

Melissa and I are going to have dinner later too so that will be fun. I need to order Instacart or go to the store, almost nothing left to eat here. I ate a bunch of random stuff yesterday and then got dinner from the bar. My friend Sheryl was cooking burgers last night. They were really good. 

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