Wednesday, June 15, 2022


 Good morning happy Wednesday! Almost half way through my first week of Grandma time vacation. Yesterday I cleaned most of the morning and puttered around. I had enough tote boxes I emptied from the stuff I had in my shed and sold/gave away at the yard sale to put in all the fabric from that lady. Pretty amazing. Eventually I'll go through them all and put them on boards and maybe sell some. I have a ton of fabric I could open my own store haha. Definitely going to look like hoarder status. I need to sew faster ;) 

A bit after noon Jess was ready for me to come get Daniel so he came over and we watched some movies, he played and we even took a nap. I woke up before him haha and made the kids some dinner to take over and a 2nd for our house. The one for our house just needs to be popped in the oven so I'll make that later today so we can eat it when we are hungry. I need to figure out what to make them for dinner tonight if they still want me to. Tomorrow Big Daniel's Grandma is supposed to come over and cook for them. Hopefully she does it. 

I got the rug in the living room rolled up and put in the garage for now. It can come back when the puppy is trained. Now I just need to mop all the floors real good today.

He loved playing with this empty tote. It's a seat, it's a table, it's fun!

He was so cute watching Bugs Life, doing cheering and yelling. He's starting to say a few words. He's been doing gibberish type stuff but I can hear the words starting to form. He's not even 2 yet but he's in the 99% percentile for height so he seems like he's older than he actually is. 

Rusty is tired out from the puppy! He loves her but he's old now ;)

After his nap we went back over to his house and took dinner with us. Melissa and Eric came to see the baby

They are engaged now, isn't her ring pretty! The stone looks different colors in different light.

Lilly is so cute with her clasped little hands

Jess sent me this later with the little alien emoji lol

and this one, that's Daniel on the left and Lillian on the right, they look like twins.

After their house I came home and Eric & Melissa were hanging out with Trevor and playing with the puppy. They went for a walk and I went to bed lol. Exhausted! I slept good again last night though. I woke up and look at Snookie haha. If Scott ever comes home and sleeps in the bed again he's going to have to fight for his spot.

Hopefully today I can get to this mess. This is all Tina knocking shit over. I had a basket of papers that were in the bags of fabric stuff (patterns and stuff) and she knocked it ALL on the floor along with some other stuff. I've just been closing the door since it's too much to deal with at the moment. 

Trevor is off today and tomorrow so no alone time for me. Not that he's hard to be with lol.

Scott said he'd take the daybed we put up for his mom that turned out to be a waste over to his mom's house so he can have something to sleep on besides the couch he's already worn out. I can't wait to get it out of the living room and push the love seat couch against the wall. I need more space! Tempted to take his recliner to the dumps too since he's never here and I can't stand it lol. I won't do it but it sure would be nice.
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