Thursday, June 23, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday! Only 2 days left of my vacation and I'm full of snot. Sucks.
No baby pictures from yesterday since I was stuck at home.  I did get a lot of sewing done though. 

This bag turned out just as fantastic as I thought it would

Some little zip bags of the left over reds

and this one is purse size

Love the zip bags from these scraps

Next up is a brown one and then I have one with misc colors. Then I have to go to Joanns to get more batting to finish the last one or two (not sure what was left without batting)

That's my plan for today since my nose is running/stuffed up. Need to unbury my nose spray that has to be on my desk in my sewing room since it is not in the kitchen anywhere.  I took the last of the Robitussin this morning. I think that was the last of any cold type meds in the house. time to restock again. 

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