Monday, June 27, 2022


Hello happy Monday. Coughhh cough cough coughhh
Oh wait I peed myself when I was coughing. Good thing I learned and put a pad on. 
Welcome to 48.

Anyhow, working from home today since I'm a mess.  Working my way through 100 emails. I got all the crap sorted out lol.

You'll be so proud of me! I got my 51 fabrics up on the destash site and sold $75 worth! I still have a bunch of these but hey, some are leaving. Most of these were from the thrift store that I got before the free bags of stuff.  There was a little bit of the free stuff mixed in too.

I was like well that was good I'll work on this next box. Ugh how boring. These are for my keeper pile for now but yuck. Going to have to find a project to use up all those boring light fabrics. 

The next box is much more fun! I've been working through this one (yesterday) and got 22 fabrics to add to my next sale (so far). My goal is 50 a day. Hey maybe I can pay off my credit card faster this way ;) For the fabrics I like that are large enough I'm keeping 1/2 a yard and then selling the rest. A lot of this last box are larger pieces unlike those neutral colors which were mostly small pieces. 

Trevor is playing around in the kitchen. He was already trying to get rid of the ice dispenser tray that I put all the bagged stuff in the freezer in (we don't have water to our fridge-old house). I don't understand why he has to try and take over my stuff haha.  Hopefully he's not making too big of a mess in there.

My friend had to go to CVS and brought me some Robitussin so I'm feeling a tiny bit better at the moment. Might need a nap soon..

While I was out from work another person in the office tested positive for Covid. Glad I wasn't there!

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Annsterw said...

Hope you feel better quickly! Yay for god friends that deliver meds!! LOL! Also yay to paying off credit cards - that is a great idea...I may have to start selling some things around here!! Feel better!!!! Hugs

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