Saturday, June 18, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! No sleeping in here with a puppy who likes to chew on my hands in the morning. Sheesh. Too bad the only animal that uses the crate is the human one haha. He's just playing in in it ;)

Yesterday I took my friend to get her rental car for her trip. She is leaving today to drive to Nebraska to see her daughters and grandkids. I hope she has a great time. We went to Mexican food for lunch. When we came back I tried to sew a bit but I was so tired I laid down. 

Snookie and Simon are like you forgot us! (Boxes are my craft show stuff)

My mom texted me that she was here so I got up, she brought some stuff to put in her little trailer and to hang out for a little bit. Little Daniel was ready to come over to play shortly after so I went and got him. He found the basket of little Madame Alexander dolls (from Happy Meals back in the day) that I collected. He had great fun playing in the basket. I had to pick out all the small stuff in the basket since he still puts stuff in his mouth but he wasn't too upset since there was still a lot of stuff to play with. 

Playing with my mom

Oh I forgot I went and got a hair cut after lunch. Just a cheap Great Clips hair cut since it was driving me nuts. I can always tell how great of a hair cut it is by the techniques the girls use to cut it. This one wasn't all that great lol. Oh well it is so much lighter now. Still came home and put it up since it wasn't as short as I wanted it. That was after I had her cut more off too. 

Lillian taking a nappy in her swing. She is so tiny. 

My friend Cassi asked me if I wanted to go down to the bar to play some darts so I took the little man home (he was about ready to go home anyways) and went down for 2 games, some visiting and a drink :) 

I came home to Tina's latest mess in my sewing room. Some day I'll get everything cleaned up again.

Today's plan is to do some sewing until it is time to get ready to go to my brother's house for a bbq. I'll have to stop on the way to get something to put on the bbq and get a bday card for my brother and father's day card for my dad. Still debating on taking Daniel. I bought a car seat yesterday so I can have one in my car since they are a bitch to change from one car to the next. Much easier to just take him with me if I don't have to mess with that. 

Oh and here is Lucy playing with my hair, she's so funny. Usually she would do this when I went to bed but she's not a fan of Simon yet so she hasn't been laying on the bed with me.

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