Tuesday, June 21, 2022


 Good morning happy Tuesday! 

No sleeping in today with these dogs sheesh. Finally had to get all the way up after Simon knocked over a tote box and it went crashing to the floor. It was so loud!

Here is my finished tote bag after doing some whip stitching in a couple places. It doesn't look too bad. I still like it :)

I finished up all the "blue" zip bags, I love this little coin bag.

This is my favorite of the zip bags with it's teeny tiny scrap panel

This one somehow ended up with Pooh in the middle. I tried cutting characters out of these but this one slipped in and ended up in a great spot. 

2nd favorite

Now I am working on a smaller black scrap one that is all crazy. I will probably just use it for myself. I am working on zip bags with the black scraps too.

For dinner last night I went to Jessica's. They BBQ'd some tri tip, chicken and burgers. Big Daniel's sister made potato salad and this chicken buffalo dip they make, Jess made mac salad and peanut butter pie. It was great and I didn't have to bring anything haha.

Daniel going for a swim for the 12th time of the day. He's such a little water boy. 

Love this one

One week old already

Last night I went and hung out on the porch of the bar with my friend Cassi and other neighbor friends. It was nice until there were too many bugs. 

Today's plan is to work on my bags some more and I think I am babysitting Daniel when they take Lillian for her 1st doctor's appointment. Not sure what time that is at yet. It is supposed to be in the 100's for the rest of the week so the AC is going already.

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