Tuesday, June 14, 2022


Hello good morning happy Tuesday. I had to look to see what day it was it seems like it's been 100 days since Sunday lol.

Yesterday I got up and went and put the trash out on the curb at Jessica's and then my house. Then then the garbage man didn't come for almost all day so I didn't even have to rush over there to do that. 

I went back later and made waffles. Daniel ate about 1/2 of one over a few hours and the girls didn't want any (Daniel's sisters). I had one and I just remembered I forgot the rest in the car lol. 

Lunch time snacking. This kid eats much better as a grazer. Just putting a bit of food where he can reach it and he can come back and take some bites. He looks so big sitting at the table. He sat for a couple minutes then took off again. He came back here and there and snacked off the plate lol.

Amazingly they sent Jess home yesterday. One day in the hospital after a c section. She was doing really well so they said she could go home. 

Little Daniel was NOT happy about the baby haha. He'll get used to her eventually! He was due for a nap on top of all the emotions so he ended up taking a nap after a bit. 

I went to the grocery store to get stuff for their house and to cook some dinners. I went to the pharmacy but they didn't have her meds. The pharmacy is ridiculous and in need of training. I could hardly hear the girl with her mumbling behind her mask and the big plastic barrier. She's just like it's not ready yet. I had to keep asking questions to get her to tell me it is waiting for authorization. Luckily Jess had some of the meds she needed left over from when she had Daniel and they weren't expired yet. I wish the hospital could just send you home with what you need instead of having to go get the meds somewhere else. So crazy. I imagine that will be a trip to town for me later if they get the approval done.

I came back with the groceries and dropped some off at their house and then went home to cook some dinner for everyone. 

Look how cute he is in his Big Bro shirt my friend Dee got him.

This outfit has already been washed and back on. I think they like it because it covers her hands. Might have to go get some little hand mittens for them. She had scratched her face in the hospital so they were trying to keep that from happening.

Daniel came back with me while I made dinner. Here are my unhelpfuls in the kitchen lol. It got worse than this too. Don't mind my crappy floor. I had a rug over it but someone keeps PEEING on all the rugs. I am going to have to roll up the one that is still out today. They can come back out once she is potty trained.

When I brought them dinner Lilly was so alert. Just sitting there looking around!

Trevor walked over with the puppy and actually held the baby! It took him forever to hold Daniel. 

I hung out outside on the porch with the puppy while he visited with her. The moon was so big and bright

Kisses! Then I washed the dishes, came home, cleaned up all my lids and the toys all over the floor and passed out. I actually slept really well last night finally. TG. 

Enjoying my quiet for the morning. I got the laundry going since I'm out of my comfy shorts haha. Need to go change it over. 


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Lilly is beautiful!
But I can't believe they sent your daughter home after a C section in one day. Geez! That's a helluva lot harder than a normal birth. American Medicine at it's finest.

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