Saturday, August 12, 2023


Hello happy Saturday!

Thursday on my last day of training I went to lunch at this pizza place called Peace Pie. It was in a building with some other small restaurants. Kind of like a food court! The guy was acting a little weird that was working there. He whispered to me that his boss in the back was drunk! So he was a little stressed out. I forgot to take pictures but they had this really cool bottle sculpture thing hanging from the ceiling. I got a slice of combo and a salad. I ended up taking most of my salad back with me since I was too full to eat it all. I ate lunch with two of the trainers so that was nice. 

Our class ended at 3 that day so that was awesome. I was so ready to be done! I figured out how to walk to a thrift store from the hotel. 

You just walked on the river trail and then up over the river and down two blocks. 

Pretty easy! I need to bring in my suit case to show what I bought but I mostly got some little girls patterns to use myself. Their patterns were $1 each so too expensive to take chances on for resale. I actually went through and looked up the ones I pulled out for possible resale and put most of them back. It was nice to just cruise around and not have any time constraints. 

After that I walked next door and got a Frosty from Wendys. I sat there and ate it and then walked back to the hotel to ditch my stuff and go find a sushi place for dinner. 

When I came back down from the elevator a huge group of people from the training were walking out together. I asked someone where they were going and they said a Korean place so I tagged along. They got to the place and then decided they didn't want to go there so we then went to this other place that a bunch of them had ate at before. 

They had "hibachi" meals but didn't cook in front of you but they also had sushi so that worked out well! The place was called Shiki and it was in a little mall. 

I got the Coeur d'Alene Roll

I was a little disappointed when I got my plate since it looked like there were only 4 pieces but they had them together so it was actually 8. I mean the plate is pretty but the food is supposed to be the star lol. The sushi was good and I was actually really full after so it was just the right amount.

Afterwards we walked to a bar that did very big pours and hung out on their patio until about 11. I talked to this one guy who was definitely a shit stirrer during the meeting. He was fun to talk to outside the meeting though lol. Definitely an interesting guy. He was from Oregon. 

Other than that guy everyone else was from Texas, Minnesota, a few from Washington and then California. One guy was from Tennessee and then the instructors were from Wyoming, Arkansas and Louisiana. So we heard a lot about ice fishing, food with gravy and almost everyone was a hunter of some sort (except us CA people lol).

These metal sculptures are everywhere. 

Friday morning was my travel day so I stayed in bed as long as possible then ran down and got a coffee and over priced sandwich from the lobby. I came back to my room and ate and then it was time to check out. I got a Lyft ride from this 70 year old guy who thinks he is marrying a woman who lives in Bangkok. Good luck with that old man lol. I asked if he met her online and he said he met her through a friend. I wonder if that friend met her online. He said they've been dating for four years and do Facetime and such. So that was a fun ride to the airport.

I got there in plenty of time and just sat there forever waiting for the boarding time. It got pushed back a little bit since the plane that was picking us up was running late.

Flying into SF, so pretty! Although I thought I was going to barf a bit when it was bouncing around.

Scott picked me up and we took backroads that probably took twice as long than if we would have just went on the freeway. We stopped somewhere to eat and got Hawaiian BBQ. It was not that good but at least I wasn't hungry anymore. 

The animals were so excited when I got home. I ended up pulling out some cat fabrics to cut for zip bags and at one point Lucy was like I'm the priority now lol. Silly cat. She wouldn't move for quite awhile. 

Today's plan is to be lazy and work on some bags. Doing some piecing on them, which is what I enjoy. Trevor kept the house pretty clean so that was nice to come home to. Although my dish pan is outside because he hates it for some reason. Drives me nuts. 


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