Wednesday, August 9, 2023


Helloo happy Wednesday night. Only one more day of training TG. Today was horribly boring. I had to get up and go to the bathroom once so I didn't fall asleep. The worst part is I already took this training way back in 2020 when we had our State meeting. I didn't remember doing it until they got going and I was like this is oddly familiar lol. So I guess this is a refresher haha.

The hotel has these lovely ash trays in the bathroom. I guess since you can't actually smoke inside anymore they do make a nice place to set your cell phone.

Check out how tiny this little bar building is. It's about the size of my kitchen I think. Maybe smaller. It was closed when I walked by on my lunch time. 

I went to The Pancake House for lunch. (Melissa you'd love this place they had crepes too) It's in a cool building but when I was sitting in the booth the floor was moving like if you were next to an escalator or something. I tried to ask the girl working there what was making things move and she thought I was a crazy person or something. Oh well lol. We'll never know.

They over cooked my eggs but it was still good. Lunch is a bit difficult when you have one hour to WALK somewhere that doesn't have any fast food and then walk back. I may have just ate Chili's for the 3rd time in 2 days because you can do your order online and pick it up (and they are open later). 

This guy showed up today. He's got a giant knife strapped on his belt in some kind of Texas wrestled an animal to death case. Pretty sure that's against the rules for our agency and like most states to be wearing that but he's from Texas so you know...

I finished my puzzle tonight so I can stop hyper fixating on that lol. I guess tomorrow I'll be more social after the training part. But maybe not. Since being home so much I'm like way over stimulated after being in groups all day and being around people. I have went to eat by myself for every meal but lunch yesterday. First of all no one invites me to go with them and second I'm kind of ok with that.

During one of our breaks today I realized there is a whole trail behind the hotel. I think I will check that out some more tomorrow. This section didn't look too sketchy.

I don't think I'll try a scooter. I could do the bike though. Probably better to just walk (and cheaper).

This is the view from my hotel window

Just don't look to the left

I'm on the 6th floor. The people across the hall from me (I think) have been smoking weed constantly. I'm pretty sure they are why the fire alarm went off yesterday morning.  They seem to be extra happy at like 12 am after they come back from doing something and talk LOUDLY (the last 2 nights anyways).  Not that they bother me but they seem to be having a good time haha. 

I miss having a work buddy at trainings with me. Everything is more fun with a friend. Sadly all my friends moved away and left me. I don't really even want any new work friends now since everyone just leaves anyways. 

Well one more day of work stuff, one more night after tonight and I fly home Friday at 1 something. This airport is tiny so I don't think I need 2 hours to make sure and get to the right terminal and through security. The only thing to worry about is getting a Lyft ride to the airport.

Hopefully tomorrow is more fun and less boring. Today they just talked about things that are irrelevant to me in my current job position. One more thing they took from us from removing us from participating in our offices like we used to. 

Well my food coma and myself should probably go to bed. I stayed up way too late last night puzzling haha.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

If you can't smoke in rooms why are they smoking pot in the rooms? It's still smoking.
I had to laugh at your Texas comment. Got that right!
Move here - we can be friends Julie!!

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