Wednesday, August 2, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday! My voice is back today so that is good. That was so weird. I wonder if it was from sleeping with the fan blowing on me plus the cold. 

I went into work yesterday to mail about 6 letters. My neighbor got a new flag :( How can you run for President when you're facing being arrested? How does that even work? 

Before I went to the office I picked up Teriyaki Bowl. Haven't had that in awhile.

Someone filled the recycling bin lol. This is so rude for the people that have to come pick it up. Boxes are supposed to be broken down. If it's full they should just go put it in the dumpster so they aren't being rude. 

I hit the thrift store on the way home and bought a few patterns. Nothing spectacular in the group but they are only .25 so even if I sell them for $1 I make a profit. I had a little stash going so I listed them on the FB group and sold a bunch. I need to go back and check on some new claims since last night.

Tubz being cute

I spent my morning in a panic updating a spreadsheet for work. Got that caught up so it's on someone else's plate now.

I took Rusty's cone off and he's in heaven. Simon was all excited too so she could rough house with him a bit. He's taking a nap now lol. Hopefully he's not chewing on himself so he can keep it off. 

I started working on those boxes of scraps, pulling out the larger pieces and measuring them, ironing when needed so I can do a scrappy remnant sale. I barely made a dent so I need to get cracking on that. 

Someone from the Buy Nothing group on FB is coming to pick up my old serger today. Hopefully they get some use out of it! One more thing out of the room.

Ebay has been dead. It will probably pick up when I'm gone next week for my work training.

Here's a few more pictures from my trip! When you go to the Rocky National Park you have to do reservations to go into the park unless you are going after 2pm. We went about 4 and the line wasn't too long. While we were there we made reservations for the next day and even being right on at 5pm when they open got a reservation for 12. So it's hard to get in early in the morning. 

Not us at the sign lol

My hair was extra curly for some reason. This is at like 9k feet or something ridiculous like that. Right before this we were tailgated by a large pick up who honked at us when we turned into a parking lot. Like what is your hurry? There is no where to get to fast lol.

We drove about 1/2 way around the top of the park and then Sarah was done so we went back to town for dinner. It was a very high elevation on a bit of a scary road so I probably wouldn't have wanted to drive it either.

For dinner we went to the Big Horn Restaurant. Someone in our hotel parking lot was talking about it so we tried it. 

I got a pulled pork sandwich which was ok but the fries were gross. They were really hard like they had been reheated a few times. The place was a bit run down too. My friend thought it was horrible. I think she had a club sandwich. 

After that we went back to the hotel and relaxed!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Nice pictures but since I hate heights there is no way I could do that.
I too, wonder if a felon can't vote, how can a felon run for office?

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