Thursday, August 24, 2023


Hello happy almost Friday! Back at work today and thanks to having someone "cover" for me while I was gone I hardly had anything to do. 100 emails but most of them were taken care of.

Monday my mom and I went on our little trip to Reno. We stopped in the Sacramento area to do some thrifting along the way. That was fun but the main place I wanted to go was closed on Mondays. That's annoying lol. All my stuff is still in the car so I'll have to share later.

We stopped in Auburn to go to the bathroom and then I took her to this store. I knew she would love it and she wanted to go back again on the way home so we did. I told her we'd have to go back when Halloween is over to see what else they have. 

My mom's been doing a 90 day diet thing since she's got a few things going on. No carbs and no dairy. That kind of limits how much stuff you can eat out. All the way to Reno she talked about her diet stuff and then we get there and she puts out this spread for me. I ate a little bit of it ;) More after I got home than while I was there.

For dinner we went to Uno Mas in the casino (Grand Sierra Resort). I got the street tacos and she got a taco salad. She was good and only ate a tiny bit of the shell and I was good and didn't eat the entire basket of chips. 

After dinner she got a players card and then we played some slots. She usually will not play the slots so that was fun. She ended up winning like $100! She cashed out at like $80. I had $10 in promo money and then another $47 something in some other free money to play with. I played on that while we were there and came home with like $50 so they paid me to play. 

Breakfast at the casino café! She got an egg white omelet and subbed the hash browns and toast for fruit. Look how big a bowl of fruit they gave her lol.

Pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage for me. Pretend I remembered to rotate my picture.

After that we went to some thrift stores and had Wendy's salads for lunch. We went to Dollar Tree and Joann's too since they were in the same shopping area as one of the thrift stores. Most of the stores were really hot so that was icky. We hit a couple antique stores too. The last one we went there was like 3 people working and they kept watching us like we were going to steal something. Like the place is so small if we needed help you'd hear us if we asked. I had a tiny cross body purse on and my moms wasn't much bigger so we weren't going to be stealing much if we were those type of people.

After shopping we came back to the room and hung out for awhile and then eventually went down for dinner at the sports bar place in the casino. I've never tried that one. Mom's choices were limited so she ended up getting a house salad and some shrimp. She said it wasn't very exiting. 

I sent this to my dad and told him we were getting the Crabfest and she said how about a chicken leg instead haha. 

This TV is huge

My shrimp taco

Mom's sad meal

The next day we got up and had breakfast at the cafe again but apparently I forgot to take pictures. I got a scramble thing that wasn't that exciting. Mom got ham and eggs.

After that we went to the last antique store that we didn't have time for the day before and the big fabric store I like. I didn't find much I could live without so got out of there for $12.

On the way home we stopped at The Front Porch store again and then I was starving. I found this play called Max's and it was really good. I got a something something roasted chicken, mashed potatoes. The carrots weren't my favorite but the rest was great!

Mom got a cobb salad. She did good the whole time we were gone and mostly stayed on her plan.

This morning I pulled the patterns I sold the last few days. This little pile sold for $160!! I've been selling a bunch of the higher priced vintage patterns the last couple weeks so that is really nice. 

This little buddy came over while her mom took her brother swimming at Great Wolf. She fell asleep at like 1:30 and is STILL sleeping. 

She passed out while we were watching Lilo & Stitch. 

Probably going to go pick something up for dinner since I thought it was the dart potluck/awards tonight but that isn't until next week! I was going to pick something up for that after work. I went to see what time that was at and then saw it's the 31st.

Well Trevor is blending ice that should wake the baby up, what the heck!

My zippers came to go on my bags I'm working on so I'll probably work on those tonight. I saw some cute little coin purses in our travels this week with squared edges but they boxed them just a tiny bit. I might make some like that too. They were made with scrap strips and cute!

That's it for tonight!


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