Thursday, August 3, 2023


                     Good morning happy Thursday!

I just thought I had something majorly wrong with myself but I think I figured out I just had low blood sugar since I didn't really eat dinner yesterday. My eyes were getting all blurry in places. I made a smoothie and it's already come back. I haven't done that in a long time. 

One time when I was a kid I was staying at my aunts. I took a shower and then everything went black. I ended up in a bedroom closet. TG I didn't fall down her stairs. 

Melissa found this kitten at work yesterday. I'm so glad someone took it because I love Siamese cats lol. 

I still have a right nostril stuffy nose. If it hadn't started while I was on vacation I'd think it was allergies. So annoying! Might have to break out the Flonase. 

I got done with one box of scraps yesterday and put them on the FB group last night in color groupings. I sold about 1/2 I think. 

I still have a lot of smaller pieces that weren't really in sellable shapes that I will cut down for my own scrappy projects I think.

Now to go through the 2nd box. 

I have darts tonight so that should be fun. At some point I need to go to the grocery store. There is hardly anything to eat here. I cancelled my Instacart again so trying not.

More trip pictures!

This was the ceiling in the shower of the hotel we stayed at. How weird is that? Kind of creepy too. It would be super easy to put a camera in there right?

On the way to breakfast! More Elk! They all ran across the street to eat some tree leaves and then take a nap.

For breakfast we went to The Egg of Estes

Sarah got more cinnamon roll French toast, she said this one was better than the day before

I got this fancy breakfast burrito! It was good, I just wished they would have left the lettuce off the plate so I could get to the guacamole and sour cream easier ;)

Afterwards we went to the thrift store we had seen but it wasn't open yet. We passed the time by taking pictures with this Sasquatch. There is a little Sasquatch donut shop there with a mini museum inside. So funny that people believe in those!

Eventually the thrift shop opened so we could do some shopping. I found another Creative Memories album for $3, stationary, a pretty bandana to cut up, vintage pillow case, cat fabric and some vintage kids buttons. 

Afterwards we went to the public bathroom again lol

It's so crazy this river/creek runs through town

Afterwards we went for our 12pm reservation to the Park!

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