Tuesday, August 29, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday. I'm feeling really tired today so it might be a napping Tuesday. Almost done with my cup of coffee we'll see if that helps haha.

Here is bathroom attendant Lucy. I cannot go to the bathroom without Snookie & Simon and occasionally a cat lol. Heaven forbid I close the door with them on the wrong side.

This morning started with the battery in my mouse for my work computer dying and my personal laptop not wanting to be charging. Trevor had a battery and the laptop finally got enough juice so we're doing good now. 

We made it almost all day yesterday without turning the AC on. It's a miracle. Still got too hot in the evening so we closed the windows and turned it on.

In between the 2 or so work emails I had all day yesterday I ended up working on putting patterns and a few books on eBay. I had picked up a pack at a thrift store that had some older doll patterns in it. One was missing like 1/2 the pieces so didn't make it on but the others are ok.

I ended up going through a box I have sitting here and pulled out all the uncut and listed them.

Some aren't worth much but if they sell they will move out lol. I did list a few I was saving but figured if I get around to wanting to use them before they were sold it will probably be a miracle anyways haha.

Today I think I will work on those keychains. My friends are asking for some fall mug rugs/coasters so after the keychains that will be the next project. 

Isn't it crazy that August is almost over? I swear the months go by faster and faster now. In 5 more months we will have another grandbaby here! I told Scott I think I will need a Grandma van lol. It can double as a craft show van :)

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Chris H said...

How exciting about the next grandbaby coming... our new one is due in January after an 8 year drought!!! I am hanging out for HOT weather, we have been bloody cold this winter. NOT snow and ice like some places, but cold for us.

Julie H said...

@Chris our power bill has been so high. They keep raising the rates. It is almost 1/2 of one of my paychecks now.

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