Monday, August 14, 2023


Hello happy Monday! Taking a lunch break from work. I've muddled through all the emails and trying to figure out what needs to be done still. It's kind of annoying having someone else fill in when you're off since someone else did part of things.

Yesterday I watched the kids. 

Scott only took one nap while they were here. 

The boys fighting over the spot on the couch

Watching TV with Papa lol. I wonder how long he'll fit there, he's not even 3 yet. 

Before babysitting I got my zip bags ready to sew the first round. Haven't got a chance to do that yet. I went to bed right after the kids left last night.

Today after work I need to go to the grocery store since we are out of everything. I found a can of soup to eat for lunch lol. The last can. I should plan a menu too but not sure I'll get around to that!

I was going to take some days off next week and maybe go to Reno but I think I might cancel that. Debating still. I might just cancel the Reno part and not the vacation part.  My mom is having some tests done and might have to have surgery for kidney stones. At least I can take my computer with me if I go stay with her. I have quite a bit of sick time I can take too if she needs me.  Blah. Parents aren't allowed to get sick. 

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