Monday, August 28, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! I don't feel all that happy today though. I feel kind of grouchy. I'm sure that is because Aunt Flo should be arriving shortly. Listening to a staff meeting for one of the offices. It sounds like bad tin can background music. Sadly I don't care about any of it. That's what they've turned me into.

Yesterday the kids came to play! Papa getting decorated lol. I swear these necklaces I had from parties is like their favorite toy. I have to keep an eye on them though so they don't wrap themselves up in them. Also Scott made it all day without taking a nap haha.

My turn to be decorated lol

I went to bed right after they left. I was super tired for some reason. 

Here are pictures of the bags I finished. This started off as a bandana I bought for $1 from the thrift store.

These were all small pieces I had in my to finish later box

Parts of these were in the box too

Then we have some sports, I picked out ones that had coordinating colors so it would be more assembly line with linings and such.

and these were also just pieces in my to be finished box

I had a bunch more Spiderman I have in coin purse form but not finished that I put back in my sew later box since there was going to be a lot of them.

No plans for today other than stressing about all these modification things they keep sending me for work. I really don't know what I'm doing but now I'm involved in the process. It goes through at least 2 more people so if it's wrong in the end it's not my fault haha. Just look dumb along the way. 😕 

I need to clean off my front porch. I should make that a to do for today. It's a disaster. Other than that I am going to start working on the keychains that match some of these fabrics. I think I will probably toss some or take them apart from what I had done previously since I think they are a bit too scrappy. 

Oh also sad this morning that one of my long time online friends passed away this morning. She had breast cancer, mastectomy's, chemo forever and it just took over. She still has two kids in high school and a bunch of grandchildren. Just so sad. I think she was probably in her mid 50's. 

All I've got for today!

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Chris H said...

The grandkids are adorable. Nice to see Scott. My gosh you have been busy sewing up a storm. Sad to lose a friend, even an online one. We can become very close to some of our online friends, without ever meeting them. I'd love to meet you one day. Tidy up your front porch... one day I might just rock up to ya front door!!!

Julie H said...

@Chris you'd tell me I was a slob haha. Need to get busy cleaning I've been lazy.

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