Saturday, October 14, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! I actually slept in this morning. It was great!

Yesterday I went with Jess to her dr appt. The little one is nice and strong and kicked the heart beat detector haha.

After we picked up In & Out for a late lunch.

I finished up my Care Bear bags

and then cut out some Nightmare Before Christmas fabric. 
Now to do the linings for those. 

I had darts last night. We did pretty bad and only won 2 games. Scott showed up at the beginning so that probably didn't help my aim lol. 

After darts we went to Applebees along with everyone else in town at 9pm. It took awhile to get a table and after sitting there for a few minutes we noticed all the ants on it lol. So we got moved over a few.  We shared the appetizer sampler and then I came home, made my bed and crashed out. Scott left at some point but no idea when. 

Tonight is our friend's Tiki party they do every year so we'll probably go to that tonight.

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