Saturday, October 7, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! Today is Daniel's 3rd birthday party! I have to go get the cake in a bit. Washing some of my clothes right now while I do my morning stuff.

I've been trying to wash up whatever dishes are hanging around while my coffee is brewing. I think I'm on day 3 of a clean sink woohooo. I should probably do it before I go to bed but then someone would probably clean out their room and I'd still wake up to dishes.

Yesterday I watched the kids for a bit. 

Apparently my couch cushions make good leap pads. Yesterday we watched Lion King 2 (not a fan) and  Minions The Rise of Gru.

I'm out of snacks. Little man was pissed I didn't have any "chips". Grandma needs to do better. 


Little Miss took a good nap on the couch.

I finished my Hello Kitty bags. I ended up with 20 zip bags and 20 coin purses total with the Sanrio ones. Next up is Lilo & Stitch I think. Everyone always wants those. 

I made these mug rug/big coasters for my friend Carolyn. 

back sides

I started watching Golden Girls on Hulu. Check out Blanche's bed! I THINK the leaves behind the bed are wall paper but I'm not entirely sure. It's funny to watch now that I'm a "Grandma". Blanche was only supposed to be 53 in the show! So crazy. God I'm getting old. 

So today's plan is wash my clothes then get the cake and the party is at 1. Maybe some fabric cutting out in the breaks in there. 

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