Monday, October 2, 2023


Good morning happy Monday!
I survived the Lodi Street Faire again.

I picked up my mom and Adrian at 6am (they followed me) and we were all set up by 8ish I think lol. I have so much stuff now it takes a bit. My mom and Adrian were a big help setting up.

My big sellers were zip bags with the coin purses running neck and neck with them. Then keychains and then the $4 coaster packs (mostly the Halloween/Fall ones I made). I did sell a lot of single $1 mug rug too. I had went through and priced them at $1 (started off at $5 lol) just to get rid of them. I'll be doing inventory soon to see which ones I actually sold. 

I need to get a display rack thing for the bigger bags, I didn't sell any of them and they don't really show up well hanging in the back of the booth. 

I had a salsa seller on one side and the cookie lady on the other. The salsa people sold out around 1. 300 jars at $9 each. I'm telling you I'm in the wrong business. The cookie lady didn't sell out but she told me they made A LOT more than last time. She sells one cookie for $4 and a dozen is like $25-30.  She was busy almost all day too.

The traffic & sales really died down around 1. It got a bit hot so I think that was probably part of it and then people wanting to watch football or whatever. Luckily I still had some trickling business but I wouldn't have minded packing up around 2. 

My nephew Tony showed up towards the end. Adrian and Tony took the stuff we packed up (and helped pack up some too) and took the stuff to the car. What a huge help!  We were out of there at 4:30.

Afterwards we hung out at my mom's for awhile and then I went and met Scott for dinner in Manteca. When we got home I laid down and fell asleep right away. My mom and Jess texted me a few times and I woke up some then dozed back off. Just a bit tired!

The furlough got postponed for 45 days. We'll see if they pass it then! So today I have pretty much nothing to do because the system is mostly closed down to change to the new fiscal year. Apparently that's until the 10th. Usually I'd be doing filing or whatever but hey I don't do that anymore so not sure what I'm doing for a week lol. Sounds like it will be really slowwwww.

Tomorrow my mom is having surgery to blast her gigantic kidney stones. I'm going to go with her and my dad for support. Hopefully it works and nothing gets stuck anywhere. 

Today will be doing inventory on my booth stuff, cleaning it up and repacking. I don't have another show planned until the beginning of November. Someone sent me a flyer for one at the kids old school for mid November so I think I'll check that one out too. Wish I had one for December. Might need to go look for something. I've been real lax on the craft shows this year. Gotta sell more of this stuff I'm sewing and storing all year. 

Oh I took my blood pressure this morning (started new meds Saturday) and it's wayyyy lower so that is good that it's actually working. 

ETA my items sales for fun

11 mug rugs (mostly Halloween/Fall)
18- 4 pack coasters
6- 2 pack coasters
5- 1 pack coaster
35 keychains
45 zip bags
46 coin purses
17 cup cozies 
3 packs paper clips (with yo-yos and buttons on them)
5 wine totes
3 packs of a cup cozy with a matching coaster
2 garlands

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