Monday, October 9, 2023


Good morning happy Monday!

Stole this from my cousin this morning. I think most indigenous people probably feel that way. I like that they seem to be renaming the holiday Indigenous People Day.

So I'm off work today. Yesterday I spent most of the day with this cutie! 

While her brother went to Great Wolf with his Lions in his hands. So cute. Love when they are little and have their favorites.

Before and after Rosie was here Tina & I worked on my Lilo & Stitch bags. 

All pieced. Next step is to cut and iron the batting on. Also match up zippers.

Feeling depressed this morning. Hopefully that goes away in a bit. Weird how you can just wake up that way.  Tonight I have bunco so that should be fun. Definitely have to go to the grocery store today. Using part of a hot chocolate packet for creamer lol.

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