Monday, October 16, 2023


Good morning happy Monday!

I finished up the Nightmare Before Christmas bags before the kids came over yesterday.

I just remembered I need to add them to my inventory spreadsheet.

Next up is frogs! I just did a few of the frog fabrics I have since I have a bunch. I don't want to make that many frog bags! After the kids left last night I got these cut out and the linings too. Now to make the small pieces big enough for the coin purses. 

Rosie was pretty cranky yesterday. I think she might be getting sick. Daniel was coughing a little bit too.

She did have a little bit of time when she was happy. She just loves doing "cheese". Pretty sure I never brushed my hair yesterday so excuse how I look haha.


She liked sitting in my little rocking chair and I was rocking her with my foot. That kept her happy for a few minutes.

We watched almost all the Ice Age movies yesterday. I ended up turning the last one we were watching off after awhile because I was over it. Little man got mad at me that I wouldn't get the small toys down for him 1/2 an hour before his mom came. He cried at the door for the 1/2 an hour. Probably should have just gave in lol.

Supervisor on duty lol

The twins this morning. They are hardly ever right next to each other. 

I got a sink full of dishes washed this morning and have one more to go. I did good all week of washing all the dishes in the morning except Friday and Saturday and boy what a mess. I washed a bit yesterday but somehow we still had a ton. Dishes are the worst! They multiply so quickly and get out of control. 

No plans to leave the house today. Hopefully it's a nice quiet day :)

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