Sunday, October 22, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! Friday night I went to darts and won 2 games wohooo! Then I went and picked up my niece Adrian. We stopped at the store on the way home to get lunch stuff for my craft booth on Saturday since there was no food available at the event. 

We got up really early and set up my booth in the dark! I was so glad when the sun came up. It was cold and then it got windy. Ugh I hate the wind it is the worst.

I sold a bit but nothing spectacular. It was nice to get out of the house and hang out with Adrian.  I took her home after it was all over. My brother's house is pure chaos with 3 little ones. This baby doesn't walk yet but she's a monkey. 

Picked up Panda for Trevor and I on the way home. He was supposed  to go to work and Scott had been doing a motorcycle class all day so I thought I'd have a nice quiet house to myself after he left for work. Hahahah.

I drive up in the driveway and Trevor has the old boat pulled right where I'd pull my car to unload everything. Scott's car is there too. Trevor gave his work shift away and apparently Scott drove to the motorcycle class in his car and they had them use their bikes. I guess he came straight to the house afterwards. 

I ended up getting mad at everyone and yelling so that was fun. Then I went to the bar for karaoke. Stayed for a bit but no one really to hang out with after my friend Sheryl went home. I come home and Simon has eaten the inside arm of the couch again. Icing on the cake! Trevor patched it up but it looks crappy. I guess I should know by now I'm not allowed to have anything nice!

The kids went to the pumpkin patch the other day. These were my favorite pictures I stole.

They are coming over in a bit for their babysitting Sunday! Hopefully everyone is happy today lol. 


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