Wednesday, October 25, 2023


Hello happy hump day! 

I went to the office yesterday. It was kind of nice not having to deal with the dogs wanting to come in and out all day lol. I went and got Hawaiian BBQ for lunch in the new shopping center that isn't too far from my work. It's nice to have a more options.

After work I went and tried to take my TV back but it was 10 days passed the 30 you can apparently return electronics at Wal Mart. The people before me were returning clothes and shoes without tags or a receipt and that was ok. I'll never understand that one. They probably wore it all.  So maybe after being pissed carrying my little tv around and it being upside down in my car it will connect to the internet. We shall see at some point when I finally get it out of there and bring it back in.

Then I took Jessica's 2 year old broken vacuum back to Costco with no receipt or attachments and got a $175 store credit and bought her a new one. I swear we should only buy things that could possibly break at Costco. (Didn't see any little TV's there lol)

I got us a chicken pot pie and one for Jess too for dinner. That thing takes 1 1/2 hours to cook how crazy is that? They are ok but home made is better.

I got this batch of coasters done last night. I still have to pack them up. I like the snowman and the tree the best. 

Today I've actually had a bunch of work stuff to do but I needed a break. Plus my internet is being so freaking slow it's making it hard to work. I just restarted my work computer so we'll see if that helps any. No plans for tonight other than sewing. I need to soak my hedges in the front yard they are going to die of thirst soon. Still debating on taking the ones next to my walk way out. They have so much bermuda grass growing in them they just look like bermuda grass bushes!

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