Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And they're off! Finally...

Sheesh getting the kids to school this morning was interesting.

First Trevor layed around and waited for me to dress him. Obviously he's the baby. The other kids would never have gotten away with that lol.

Decided to take the dog with us this morning for the drop offs. About killed her trying to get her to jump in the back of the car. Had to lift her up. Poor thing! Yeah and maybe not such a great idea since now the back of the car is covered in dog hair and my car smells like dog now.

Dropped off Melissa and Trevor and started to drive off and saw Trevor running and crying in my mirror. Stopped and he ran over and said I forgot to give him a kiss. Gave him a kiss and he was still whining so told him to just get in and I'd drive him to school.

We get out of the club and Jessica starts in. OMG there's something on my pants. OMG my hair looks like a bird. UGH I'm so tired. I hate band!!!

Yeah ok.

Got her dropped off, she gets out doesn't say anything just leaves. Have a nice day honey!!

So then had 20 minutes to kill after I got home before I could drive Trevor to school. Came home for a few minutes and then took him and dropped him off.

Feels like I've been going forever and it's only 8:30!Pin It

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