Monday, September 22, 2008

I think I crashed

I'm so freaking tired. Why am I forcing myself to stay awake?? Seriously. I should just go wander into my room put on my nice comfy nighty and snuggle up with my pillow. But it's not even Ninnnnnnnnnneeeeee. Sheesh.

So today I spent most of the day working on selling stuff for my friend, packing the shit up, and printing out postage. If I didn't live out in the freaking sticks I could have the USPS person come to my door and pick it up and I wouldn't even have to leave the house.

BUT I had to go to town to pick up Jessica anyways. Today was early release day for the high school. So I went by the library (got my book I need to read by Sunday for book club, good luck with that), picked up kid, went to post office and bypassed the HUGE line because my stuff was already paid for SUCKERS! Then we went over to the .99cent store.

Have you been in a .99 cent store? We have Dollar Tree stores. Depending on what neighborhood you are in you can be trampled by crack heads, kids buying napkins for their parents when they are out of TP, my mom buying decoration stuff, a friend of mine charging $20 worth of food to make it through the week, or Jessica and I. I tend to stay way from the dollar stores because I don't really need to be spending money and if I have money to spend I like to go somewhere more exciting like Tar-jay. But anyhow, I wanted to go in there to see if I could find cheaper mailing envelopes (they didn't have any) and Jessica wanted to go there for some reason AND we were in the same parking lot for the post office.

So we go in and what's this??

Bananas for .99 cents! We need some of those. Red Bell Peppers?? Since when do they carry actual produce?? So got some of those. Some celery so I can make some potato salad. Needed tomatoes but those were FURRY. Ick. We got some other crap can't even remember but mostly snacks and junk. FULL basket for $12. SCORE.

I can see myself in my sweats, ponytail and flip flops checking out what's new at the .99 cent store on a regular basis now.

So after that we went to the "Transportation Department" to finally sign Jessica up for the bus. Because these 3 or so trips to town a day are really kind of wasting a lot of money on gas when we could be ONLY paying $1 a day for the bus (available in nice $90 installments per sememster. and no. they don't PRORATE. Stupid why did you even ask?) So I finally figure out where the heck I'm supposed to go and we go in and it's the wrong building. Back in the car down a few parking lots finally found it. So the kid is finally signed up for the bus. She's not too excited about it but I'm thinking YES YES no driving back and forth all the time!

Then we went to Michaels to get stuff for her project she is doing in English. And 2 t shirts, purple duck tape and fabric paint? Yeah the .29 poster board really ads up. But I did get some page protectors I needed for my scrapbook.

Then we rushed home to meet the little kid's bus. Washed up the pretty dishes my mom found me at TJ Maxx, washed everything in the cabinet, rearranged everything then it was back to town to take Jess to the homecoming flower party that she wanted to go to.

She debated about going a lot but talked herself into it. We get there, drop her off, not even out of the parking lot and she calls to say she can't stay since she didn't bring her ID card. Freaking rediculous!! Why don't they just tatoo the freaking thing on them. I don't think many "non school kids" are going to try to get into a freshman flower making party. Sheesh. So that was a waste of a trip.

Now I'm sitting here with my half mass eyes. It's almost 9! Almost bed time!Pin It


~Sheila~ said...

Whooo...what a busy day.

I was in bed by 7. No, I'm not bragging cause look at me now. I am wide awake at 4:30 am reading through blogs and commenting.
Maybe next time I should at least fight it off until 9 so I can get up at my regular time.
That's what I get for trying to be greedy with sleep.

Barb said...

Produce at the dollar store ~ really? When did that happen. Guess it's been a while since I've gone to one.

Tonya Staab said...

I occasionally pop into our 99c store if I'm in the area and it's not that bad. Last week I picked up 6pcks of apple sauce for the twins for 99c and some jugs with lids and bowls for the twins party, also 99c. Not bad.

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