Monday, September 8, 2008

Why I'm Glad It's Monday

*It's Quiet
*I have complete control of the TV
*The messy people aren't here
*I have my space back
*I have complete control of the TV

I swear as soon as my husband gets home he takes ahold of the remote control and doesn't let go until Monday morning at 5 AM. I read 3 books this weekend. THREE. I don't think I've ever read that many books that fast. Abviously I was bored! I could have scrapbooked but my tummy was bothering me so it was easier to lay in bed and read and snooze on and off.

Jessica is home this morning. She got up and threw up and went back to bed. Not sure if that was a "make myself throw up" bit or not but I think if you want to stay home bad enough to make yourself throw up you can stay home. She'll just have a lot of school work to make up tomorrow! Currently she is still sleeping.Pin It


Chris H said...

I love Mondays cos it BLOODY QUIET in my house! BLISS, TOTAL BLISS. And lets not forget the remote controls, you are quite right! ha ha ha

Connie said...

You can totally come over and clean my house. What a freakin' disaster around here!

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