Sunday, September 14, 2008


Last night I went scrapbooking. I got a few pages done, nothing really spectacular (guess that's scrapbooking diva gene was missing last night!). I think I'll pull my stuff out and work on it again today. I have my pictures and paper all put together so that makes it easier to get pages done.

Last night Jessica went to her friend's house down the street from where I was scrapbooking. She kept sending me messages that she wanted to go home so I ended up leaving a little bit early so I could go pick her up. She gets in the car and she says "I'm not really sick, I just wanted to leave". Nice! I think I'll do that to her next time I'm with her on something SHE is doing with HER friends. We got home and she was all cranky and throwing a fit because she wanted to use the computer and her dad was on it. After about 15 minutes he finally gave in to her. She's a persistant little bugger!!

My house is looking like a bomb went off. One good thing about everyone going back to school/work tomorrow! I can't believe how much of a mess everyone makes.Pin It


~Sheila~ said...

My husband is on his way back from El Paso for about a month so I will leave all of the housework to him since he will have nothing else better to do.

* TONYA * said...

so where are these pages so we can see them?

My house looks like a daycare center threw up.

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